$ 15.00

Technology can be addictive. In a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s classic 1956 poem, we created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation.

Best Performance for Peter Coyote from the Maverick Movie Awards
Guggenheim Museum/Youtube Video Biennial Short List
Nominated for Ovation TV Short Film Contest


“It’s rather brilliant” - The Washington Post
“A tongue-in-cheek manifesto for the technology-addicted generation.” - NPR Science Friday
“Very cool film” - New York Times
“We’ve chosen our top films” - The Huffington Post

*This product does not include a public screening license, and may only be shown in private homes to non-paying audiences. For a public license please see the “Educator’s Edition.”

IMPORTANT: In order to protect from copyright infringement and illegal copying we do not accept returns of this item. 

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