The Making of a Mensch Discussion Kit - International Orders

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About The Making of a Mensch Discussion Kit:
The Making of a Mensch Discussion Kit is designed for all ages, and for all different contexts (your company, congregation, school, organization, or home). The kit includes:

  • Poster of the Periodic Table of Being a Mensch
  • Deck of 44 discussion cards with:
    • Quality cards: one for each of the character strengths / middot on the poster (humility, curiosity, perseverance, etc). Each of these cards includes an image from the film, definition, and related words for conversation.
    • Question cards that relate to all of the quality cards, designed for all ages
    • Discussion guides for all different ages.
  • The kit comes in a Making of a Mensch package and is designed to be used over and over again in multiple settings.

Due to such a large quantity of orders, shipping may take a few days extra than noted. The kits will arrive in time for your event!

** Please note, while these discussion kits are free of charge as part of this nonprofit global event, we do ask participants to cover the cost of shipping. You will see this charge once you've selected your shipping method.

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